(NOUVERTE magazine - Publishing, 2018)

Kenta Iriguchi
・ステッカー4枚 (表紙1枚、パリのスナップ3枚)
・名刺サイズの写真1枚 (Gosha Rubchinskiy、Maison Margielaの香水使用)
・L判サイズの写真4枚 (UNIQLOをテーマにしたEditorial
・ポストカード5枚 (DIESEL. Comme des Garcons,Junya Watanabe, Converse, Raf Simonsの靴をテーマに作成した作品)
・B5サイズの写真1枚 (全てRick Owensを使用したEditorial
・A4サイズの写真1枚 (Carhartt WIPのパジャマを5人の女性モデルに着せ同じ服でも違う雰囲気に見せた作品)
・A4冊子 Part 1 (約5年間世界中を周り撮影した写真を収録。
・A4冊子 Part 2 (国内外の若手デザイナー5名の協力の下、日本国内で撮影したEditorialを集めたLook Book
・Tシャツ Lサイズ一着 (Paris Mens Fashion Week SS19にて撮影したStreet Style又は某ブランドショーのBack Stageで撮影した写真を胸に施したTシャツ)
Kenta Iriguchi
Includes photographs taken with a focus on young artists and designers for about five years, and documentary photographs taken around the world that she visited at Fashion Week.
“In the days when digital is the norm, photos are quickly consumed with a single swipe, such as Instagram. I dared to collect my photos in a box instead of as a book.” I made it as a “photo book” with the desire to enjoy photos close by. ”
・ 4 stickers (1 cover, 3 Paris snaps)
・ One business card size photo (using perfume from Gosha Rubchinskiy and Maison Margiela)
・ 4 L-size photos (Editorial with UNIQLO theme)
・ 5 postcards (DIESEL. Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, Converse, Raf Simons)
・ One B5 size photo (Editorial using all Rick Owens)
・ One A4 size photo (Carhartt WIP pajamas are worn by five female models and show the same clothes in different atmospheres)
・ A4 booklet Part 1 (Photos taken around the world for about 5 years.
All shooting equipment was shot with successive iPhones)
・ A4 booklet Part 2 (Look Book collecting editorials taken in Japan with the cooperation of 5 young designers from Japan and overseas)
・ T-shirt L size first (Street Style taken at Paris Men ’s Fashion Week SS19 or T-shirt with photos taken at the back stage of a certain brand show on the chest)